Daddy Rabbit | Vol. 75

Friday, July 19, 2024

Daddy Rabbit | Vol. 75 Cover

Address: 176 8th Ave at 19th Street, NYC Tickets range from $60 bar standing to $130 VIP seats Brazilian vocalist Jackie Ribas returns to the Daddy Rabbit for another remarkable evening. Jackie grew up in the church singing gospel music as a proper preacher's kid should. She melts genres with unbelievable ease, from pop, to jazz, to samba. In great demand internationally, Jackie brings nothing but love and joy to every show. Joining her will be trumpeter Tatum Greenblatt, drummer Samvel Sarkisyan, bassist Danton Boller, and pianist and host Misha Piatigorsky. Our new ticketing platform that allows you to purchase exactly the seats you’d like. We will open doors at 7PM. Show will begin at 8PM. All reserved seats will be released at the start of the show. We encourage you to come as early as possible to enjoy the pre-party hang before the show, to meet other guests, and to share a few drinks with all of us. Full dinner menu is always available. A dinner reservation for an earlier dinner upstairs at LOULOU is always a great option as well.